Almost 1 year ago...

Bitcoin began a rally. The original cryptocurrency pushed well beyond assumed expectations, and paved a precedent for the word “crypto” to enter modern imagination.

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain infrastructures that power them are rapidly finding themselves homes within sectors like finance, governance, and security. The future of data is looking more and more decentralized as the blockchain era matures.

But what about creativity?

Do the implications of blockchain change the way we approach art, architecture, design, music, or writing? Is this primordial soup of technology at all relevant to those with a creative itch or is it just another fad that a small niche of professionals have an opportunity to explore? Well, there’s a lot more behind the marketplace roller coaster we hear most about. This show aims to provide a window into a much bigger story.

The Crypto Renaissance

This exhibition will explore emerging tools that stand to revolutionize the creative world - how we make, collaborate, sustain, and reinvent outdated norms of antiquated artistic practice.

All of the work and projects exhibited here were developed by global members of Sndbox's cryptocurrency incubator. Members were tasked with learning and leveraging new applications built on the Steem blockchain to empower and finance their art, architecture, design, music, writing and more. This show exhibits the work that came out of the incubator and the powerful decentralized applications that made them a reality.

What is Steem?

A Social Cryptocurrency Earned Through Content
Creation, Interaction & Engagement

Steem is an online network designed to reward engagement through social applications. Publishers can earn Steem by sharing work and curating the work of others across a broad range of apps - anything from blogging, to video, livestreaming, photography, music, code or even product reviews. Unlike the likes and hearts we know and love today, this social network is not owned by a single company. Instead, Steem is designed and owned by the people who use and earn it.


Learn more about Decentralized Applications built atop the Steem Blockchain.
Special thanks to the Utopian & Fundition teams for their support of this exhibition.

Steemit is the first social app to be powered by a blockchain. Creators earn crypto simply by upvoting and publishing content.

Steepshot is a photo-based social app. Here, selfie-takers and filter fanatics can earn crypto by publishing their images.

eSteem is a crypto-powered blogging mobile and desktop app. Publish, browse articles and earn cryptocurrency!

Utopian is a crypto-powered platform designed to incentivize Open Source projects through a vote based reward system.

DLive is a crypto-powered live-streaming platform. Users are able to tokenize live video content and earn cryptocurrency.

Steemhunt is a product hunt. Discover new and cool products. Share them, vote on others and earn cryptocurrency rewards.

Fundition is a crypto-powered crowdfunding application for creators looking to developing innovative projects.

Busy is a crypto-powered blogging app. You can browse articles made by your favorite authors and
publish your own!

SteemPress is a WordPress plugin that connects any blog to Steem. With it, writers can tokenize their existing website.

DTube is a crypto-powered video platform. Here, users can upload videos within an ad-free, and censorship-resistant community.

DSound is web platform that enables its users to discover, upload, and listen to music that is built on an IPFS network.

Tasteem is a restaurant review website where foodies and critics can earn cryptocurrency in exchange for good critique!


Sndbox is a creative studio for developing blockchain-based programs for communities, businesses, educators and innovative projects. The Sndbox team leverages cryptocurrency to empower your work while providing connections to an ever-growing and crypto-fluent community.

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The Crypto Renaissance
July 20 (Opening 7:00PM) - August 15, 2018

100 Bogart Street Gallery
100 Bogart St.
Brooklyn NY, 11206

The Gallery is free and open to the public from Wednesday - Saturday 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

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Thank you to our donors for their generosity and support of this exhibition project.